"I'm a nice contract boy from Delta who gets a bit powered at the thought of a beautiful girl pinning him down and. . ."
Major Fian Andrej Eklund is a student of pre-history and xenoarchaeology at University Asgard and a Military officer. Fian was born into a family of scientists and soon became the black sheep of his family when deciding to study history.

Because his overbearing father refused to enrol him in the history class of his school, Fian had to secretly attend. By switching majors last minute, he was able to enrol to the Pre-history Foundation course at University Asgard.

His fiancée, fellow student and Military officer Jarra Tell Moarrath, and Fian were vital in First Contact with the Fortuna alien civilization, for which both were awarded the Pallas Athena. This being the military equivalent to winning a Nobel Prize, Fian has thus academically surpassed his father, who had been unsuccessfully trying to win a Nobel for years.







Notes and Trivia

  • Fian is a fan of the vid series Stalea of the Jungle, in particular its attractive hero Stalea, in particular her assertive way of telling her boyfriend what she wants from him (unheard of on prudish Hercules).